Red Rock Canyon

To some, it's unbearable, but for those in the know, the deserts of the Southwest United States offer some of the most stunning scenery on planet earth. In the year of the 'Rona virus, there's almost no place better than being on the seat of your bike in the great outdoors. For Christian and I, with the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas in our face 24/7, we almost forgot the beauty of Red Rock Canyon was right in our backyard. Red Rock Canyon is at the southern end of The Spring Mountain range, about 25 miles west of Las Vegas. Most land in the mountains is owned by the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. It is managed as the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area within the "Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area".

You can access the area by traveling west on the 215 Freeway from Interstate 15, and then turning West on Charleston Blvd. Within minutes you will be met with the majestic red rocks and mountains that give the canyon it's name. Charleston Blvd. turns into Highway 159. A few of you film buffs out there might notice this road as it has been in many-a-movie. Before following he 159 along the base of the mountain range, turn into the fee area. Yeah, we know...fees! Just buy an annual or lifelong pass own a motorcycle! It's $10 bucks for the scenic loop that gets you an awe-inspiring view of the canyon and access to the park's multitude of hiking trails. What's more: it's a one-way road with lots of fun twisties and rising and falling terrain.

Things to see

  • Breathtaking mountain views
  • Vegas lights at night

Things to do

  • Extensive trails
  • Ride the scenic loop!
  • Mountain Springs Saloon is another 15 minutes up highway 160

Not far from Red Rock...

The famous Mountain Springs Saloon is another 15 minutes up into the mountains on highway 160. Great food and great people. They usually have live music on the weekends too!